Drug Store Treasures

I’m a sucker for packaging, especially when it comes to make up. There’s a new CVS around the corner from my house that I frequent looking for the newest, coolest, drug store makeup finds. Last week I was looking for a new face powder and 2 products suckered me in via the packaging.

The first item I picked up is the Physicians Formula Nude Wear powder.


This adorable little box caught my attention and when I got it home I was even more surprised that it had 2 opening sides, a mirror and a brush all contained in one! This is a nice, light, nude, powder that gives a light coverage. Perfect if you’re going for the barely there make up look. This is normally $14.99 at CVS but I paid less with my coupon.


I also bought this New York Color bronzer powder called Sun ‘n’ Bronze. This was super inexpensive ($4.59) and I really love it! I wear it every day. The multi tone pallet matches my skin perfectly without leaving any bronzer lines, if ya know what I mean. It feels so light on your skin! The lines of different color also allow me to swipe my brush down one row for a specific shade for contours and highlighting.


Now go find some new drug store makeup!


Corporate Crafty Chic

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