Americana Wine Bottles

I love a good wine bottle craft, as you can tell from previous posts 🙂  As I was perusing Pinterest looking for some American Flag 4th of July projects, I came across this wine bottle flag.  There were a few different versions, some using mason jars, some using sticker stars but I came up with my own.

We went a little crazy with the flags this year...

We went a little crazy with the flags this year…

I used 3 clear wine bottles that were almost exactly the same size.  I stripped them of their labels by soaking them in warm water.  To try and make the stripes somewhat uniform, I taped 2 bottles off from bottom to top using 1/2 inch painters tape and one bottle from the bottom to about 2/3 of the way up the bottle, to make room for the blue section.  Once the whole bottle was taped, I applied 2 layers of red paint.  Tip** Wait until the paint is fully dried before adding a second coat.  Painting the second coat while the first is still drying results in a streaky mess. **  After the red paint has dried, paint white in between. I used regular acrylic paint in red, white & blue and a foam applicator as a brush.  To add a little glitz to this project, I used crystals as the stars. Yes, I picked out 50 little crystals and glued each one on using rubber cement.

I finished these just in time for the 4th of July, but I’m a firm believer that an American Flag can remain on display all year long!


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