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The holidays are here!  One of my favorite things about this season is gift giving!  Who doesn’t love to pick out the perfect gift, perfectly wrap it and present it to the giftee?!  I’ve compiled a list of Oprah’s  my favorite … Continue reading

What’s in my Beach Bag: July Edition

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I spend the weekends living out of a Vera Bradley Duffle bag in the summer.  Friday nights I pack up my Jeep and head down the parkway to exit 98 or exit 13 (depending on who get’s their way, my boyfriend, or I).  And then Sunday it’s back up north again with a big sad face.  During the day on the weekends, my beach bag comes with me EVERYWHERE.  I figured I would share my absolute must haves with you once a month, through September.

First let’s start with my actual beach bag.  I’m sometimes known as the bag lady because I have SO many bags, most of which are beach bags & totes.  This bag is my new favorite.  I actually saw the brand, Lolo Bag, on a “Steals & Deals” segment of Good Morning America and instantly ordered myself a whole set of Lolo Bag beach stuff!  I could spend hours on this website looking through all of the patterns and options. The website is and I went with a sea theme for my purchases. (If you go to their website now, they’re running free shipping special!)

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White Mesh Madison Tote with Watermelon Starfish


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They don’t have my exact sunglasses case on their site anymore, but here is the link to a similar one:

Light Blue Kelly Case with Watermelon Starfish

Light Blue Medium Avery with Pink Seahorse

 I have 2 books that I’ve been toting around.  The first one is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green .  I enjoyed this quick read and I can’t wait to see the movie.

The other book that I cannot put down and cannot wait to get home from work and read at night is Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover.  I’m a huge fan of her books and this one is up to par with the rest of her writing.  It’s a touching love story and also an easy read.

Over the past few years it seems like all of these NEW and improved sunscreens are coming out.  I’ve tried a bunch and I keep coming back to good old Coppertone.  I use the Coppertone Tanning Lotion with SPF 15.  This is tried and true (for me).  It smells great, it provides even coverage, it’s not greasy and I don’t burn.  For me, it’s the perfect summer sunscreen.

Next up in my bag….OK, well this one doesn’t really fit in my bag, but I ride it to the beach, does that count?  I’m borderline obsessed with my new Schwinn Beach Cruiser.  The color is outstanding and I get compliments on it all the time.  My boyfriend and I picked up 2 of these at Walmart one day and we ride them all over the island on the weekends.

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I like to take walks on the beach specifically looking for certain little treasures you can find washed up along the shore. I look at people like they’re crazy for stepping over these gems without even thinking twice about it! You can always find a handful or 2 of sea glass in my beach bag.


Last but certainly not least are my favorite sandals, Reef Stargazer’s.  I wear these everywhere in the summer.  To work, to the beach, out at night, I ride my bike in them, I take walks in them….ok you get the point.  They’re just great!!  So comfortable, really sparkly and pretty, and you can find them for under $30.  I have all of the colors and I suggest you get your collection started as well.


Have an Amazing 4th of July! Or should I say Jorth of Fuly as we like to call it after a few drinks….

Corporate Crafty Chic

I Finally Did It!

I’ve been pondering the start of my own blog for awhile now and today was the day I pulled the trigger!  Welcome to my blog!  My intentions are share things with you, that I love!  I always enjoy reading other peoples posts about products, crafts, and recipes so I am going to share my favorites with everyone also.

By day, I’m a corporate jet part sales girl, but nights and weekends are my time to shine.  Growing up I was never one for sports.  My afterschool activities consisted of arts and crafts, painting lessons and cooking classes.  Hence the reason why I am still totally into ALL of that stuff.  From crafts to make-up, gadgets and recipes, traveling or restaurants, you name it, I’m gonna write about it.Image



Corporate Crafty Chic