What’s in my Beach Bag: August Edition

I can’t believe we’re already into the second week of August!

This month I have a bunch of great things I’ve been carrying around with me in my beach bag that I’ve been dying to share.

I got this facial sunscreen from CVS. The main attraction to it was the fact that it says it dries clear.  I hate when I apply a sunscreen that leaves white streaks on my face.  This cute little bottle of SPF 30 does, in fact, dry clear and works wonderfully.  I have yet to get a sunburn on my face. photo 4

I also picked up this Wet N’ Wild Watermelon Lip Balm.  It doesn’t get more summery than this green, juicy flavor.  I love a good lip balm with SPF.  This one has SPF 15 and it gives a little sheen to your lips without leaving them green! photo 5

My friend picked up these amazing Flash Tattoos and brought them to our Girls Weekend at the Shore.  Let’s just say we’re all obsessed and went a little nuts with the temporary tattooing.  We had them on our arms, fingers, neck, back, ankles.  If you could see skin, you could see a tattoo.  The tattoos really and truly look like gold and silver jewelry and they last about a week!  I think they’re actually amazing for work also because it looks like I’m wearing jewelry and my bracelets aren’t interfering or jingling around while I type.  Another thing I loved was waking up with a stack full of bracelets on…Nothing better than getting fancy in your PJ’s!   You can buy them online or look at their website, http://flashtat.com/ to see what boutiques are carrying Flash Tattoos.

photo 3

I’ve recently become obsessed with this Coconut Yogurt from Chobani.  I eat one every morning and it tastes so summery and refreshing.  Sometimes I add a little handful of semisweet chocolate chips (thanks for the idea mom!)  Pure coconut bliss!


Ok, so I’m pretty sure that everyone on earth has one of these chairs, but the few of you who don’t have one, need one ASAP.  These Tommy Bahama back pack chairs are comfortable, stylish, and easy to carry to the beach.  I have to laugh when I see a group of us all going to the beach with our back pack chairs, because we look like nerds, but in reality these folding beach chairs are the best thing since sliced bread.  They have a pillow, cup holder, cell phone case, a little zipper pocket on the back for your belongings,  and a zipper cooler below that actually works really well!  These chairs are around $30 and I usually pick mine up a few months before summer at Costco.  You can order one today on the Tommy Bahama website.

photo 2photo 1


I’m in a wedding at the end of August and the bridesmaid dress is strapless.  I obviously cannot have tan lines for the wedding so this Target bathing suit has been my go to this month.

I consider September THE BEST month of summer so I will have another edition of What’s in My Beach Bag next month!


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