Bejeweled Bottles

Jeweled Bottles

Jeweled Bottles

This is a gift I LOVE to give and people LOVE to receive. It’s handmade, it’s beautiful and it’s alcohol….Who wouldn’t love it! My mom and I have made these mainly for birthday gifts but more recently we made them for my friends “Stock the Bar” themed bridal shower.

To start, find a bottle of alcohol you would like to jewel. I recommend an interesting shaped bottle, or one with a cool label. I’ve used wine, vodka, and peach schnapps bottles. If the bottle I choose has a colorful label, I usually try to match my jewels to the color theme of the label.
The jewels come from the craft shop and I use rubber cement to attach them to the bottle. This is a time consuming project so I do a little each day so I’m not overwhelmed. One tip I have is that you start from the bottom and work your way up OR if there is a label you’re outlining, go around the label first and then fill in the rest of the bottle.

image (6)image (4)image (7)image (5)

Once the jewels are all in place, I wrapped the bottle in clear cellophane with matching ribbon. These are always such a hit and I always get a ton of compliments on them. I have so many more visions I can’t wait to test…champagne bottles for New Year’s Eve, wine bottles for house warming parties, tequila for a retirement….I could go on and on…..

image (8)

Wrapped in Cellophane & Ready to be Gifted!


Matching Ribbons & Jewels to Compliment the Label


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